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Excerpt from police report
2000 02 02

Subject Interviewed by off. Badlam. Transcribed by ass. White.

"The said WW claims that he suffered from a temporary amnesia. A loss of memory. He has a clear image of the Club, of the female bartender. A lady with gypsy gold earrings and a deep deep cleavage. After that everything is a blank, empty. WW claims he is a regular customer. Spends a couple of hours drinking at the bar every week.

WW can´t account for any events or undertakings after one o´clock this night. He has no recollections whatsoever.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in his bed, in a hotel, with blood smeared over his pillow and five missing teeth. They seem to be extracted with force. Leaving an irregular set of holes in his dental framework. The teeth are not broken.

WW shows no sign of external violence or physical marks from an accident. "